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The kind and quantity of existing promotional items is hardly to be overlooked. It is easier for our customers, if they communicate us their conceptions, so that we can investigate and quote the desired items. We take care for the supply of the items from the manufacturers, the mounting of the logo on the items and the world-wide dispatch, if this is desired by the customer.

Please note that we do not distribute a promotional items catalogue and do not operate with a stock keeping. In this range we are a classical retailer who is connected with the necessary purchasing associations. The customer comes with an inquiry to us and we search after the desired items.

In the past years the following items among others were particularly inquired: Maps of the world, pencils, lanyard key chains, rulers, drinking cups, desk pads, mouse pads, USB sticks, laser pointer, umbrellas, shoulder bags, lighters, calendars, note pads, etc.